The Chase-Man : Poem by Joanna

The Chase-Man
Poem written by Joanna

Superman, Batman, Spiderman – super heros all.
They’re larger than life, they’re ten feet tall,
My mommy calls me a super hero too
Because of the things that I’ve been through.

The pokes the sticks from shots and needles
Can make me squirm and sometimes wriggle,
But my Mommy’s there to hold me tight
And stays with me through day and night.

My name is Chase and I am three
There are many things that I want to be-
A doctor, a cowboy, or an astronaut
I know I can do it – the “right stuff” I’ve got!

And I will someday, just not right now-
My battle will be won and that’s my vow.
‘Cause I’m the Chase-man, my mommy’s hero-
The score: Chase-man One, The Big C- Zero!