To provide support to siblings of pediatric cancer patients

Inspired by

Emma Lock

Company Overview

“Lock Boxes of Love” strives to make siblings feel special too. Often times, siblings feel helpless and as if all the focus is suddenly on the child battling cancer. While the child with pediatric cancer may receive special packages or, in the sibling’s eyes, special treatment,  Lock in Love knows it is important that the sibling feels special as well.  Lock Boxes of Love strives to make those siblings feel special, and feel the love and hope we send in each special box.  The care packages are tailored to the age of the child and are filled with things such as  books, blankets and stuffed animals. We hope to make the siblings of pediatric cancer patient’s who often feel unnoticed feel NOTICED and special… giving them hope and allowing them to feel the love that surrounds them.  If you know a sibling who would benefit from  “Lock Boxes of Love”  please fill out the online application form.

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