Lock Boxes of Love strives to make the siblings of pediatric cancer patient’s feel special. Many siblings feel that a majority of attention is focused on the child battling cancer. This can make the sibling feel left out and unimportant. We want every one of these children to feel as special as we know they are.

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Lock Boxes of Love

What do we do?

Lock Boxes of Love send gift boxes to the siblings of cancer patient’s. The boxes are tailored to the age, gender and specific likes of each child. Boxes may contain items such as books, stuffed animals, toys, blankets and other things that interest them.

Who Is Eligible?

Siblings of pediatric cancer patients, ages 0-18 years.

How to apply?

Submit an application on our webpage that includes why you are nominating the child, their age, gender, and things that they like.

**Please be aware that by submitting an application you acknowledge and agree to the terms of the Media Release that is listed below and also a liability waiver releasing Lock Boxes of Love, its successors and assignees of any liability.

Media Release

I hereby irrevocably grant to Lock Boxes of Love, an Arizona non-profit corporation, its successors and assignees, the right to record the image and/or voice and use the artwork and/or written work of my child on videotape, film, in photographs, digital media, and in any other form of electronic or print medium and to edit such recordings at their discretion.

I further grant Lock Boxes of Love, its successors and assignees, the right to use my child’s image and/or voice, with or without their name, on the internet, in brochures, and in any other medium, and hereby consent to such use.

Liability Release

I hereby release Lock Boxes of Love, its successors and assignees, from all claims, damages, demands, costs, expenses and liabilities whatsoever.