July 18, 2015

By Angel Lock

6/21/2016 at 9:50 AM

First things first, we received preliminary results from Chase’s MRI and they look stable. We are waiting to hear back from the neuro surgeon which may not be till the end of the week. This is good news and we definitely celebrate this moment with a huge sigh and an AMEN.

This does lead us back to the question of what is causing the pain in Chase’s legs and feet. The oncologist said there was another little boy that was experiencing the same pain after treatment. Turns out the endocrine discovered his levels of cortisol were low and he was put on a steroid to regulate his cortisol level. She said she would like Chase’s cortisol level checked but it would be for informational purposes only, she was very clear that she did not want Chase going on steroids and we both agree.

We also coupled the MRI with labs requested by the endocrinologist. She was amazing and called us shortly after the MRI when she received the results from the labs and his bone scan. Chase’s thyroid is functioning normally which is good, but does lead us back to the fact that Chase’s heat and cold intolerance is due to a damaged pituitary gland and nothing can be done for that. She also said that he tested negative for diabetes insipitus, so looks like we will need to make an appointment with the nephrologist to see how Chase’s kidneys are holding up. Finally we went over Chase’s bone scan, Chase’s bones are scanning at the age of a 4 year old. Being as Chase is nearly 7 1/2 his bone age is scanning 3 years younger than his actual age. This is a GOOD thing, it means that he has lots of room to grow. If a child is small it is good if his bones to scan younger because it means that he is not a small 7 year old, it means that his treatments and stress on his body has delayed his growth. Now that his body is not under the stress he should grow and has a lot of room to grow. A huge hip hip horary for that news!!!

So now we have some follow ups to do, but follow up appointments and trips back and forth to Phoenix is totally doable!!!

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