May 4, 2015

By Angel Lock

6/21/2016 at 10:32 AM

Making promises to a child that has trust issues…oofta bad momma.

I am very careful about making “promises” or telling the kids we are going to do something until we are actually there. I have learned from past experiences of the bottom dropping out on our plans…

Tonight Chase was sad because he wanted to watch Paddington the Bear out on DVD this weekend and did not get a chance to. It was 8pm and I “promised” I would have it loaded to his iPad when he woke in the morning. I know better than to “promise” for a child that is working on building trust….but I did.

So now I have been working on his Ipad for 6 hours! The movie just would not load. Someone finally suggested I download it to the computer and then plug in the Ipad so I am working on doing that now….

In happier news. Chase and Emma were super cute this weekend. They decided they were going to give Marc and I makeovers. Emma was the hairdresser and Chase was her assistant. They booked appointments for the two of us and then worked hard to set the stage. They moved tables, put out candles, eye masks and even had items for us to read while we were getting our makeovers. When it came time they handed us a pricing list and asked which services we wanted done. Emma worked diligently on our hair and Chase ran around giving us snacks and making sure we were comfy. In the end it cost us $30 for our makeover but the cost was well worth seeing them play together.

Another story I want to remember is of a few nights ago. We were reading the bible and it spoke about how Jesus was King. Chase said, “I thought God was king?”. I told him that God is king. I tried to explain it to him like this, “an elephant is called an elephant and what is a baby elephant called….it is still called an elephant. Chase looked at me and said, “it would be easier if they used president and vice president.”

I also heard him accidentally mix up the pledge of allegiance with the apostles creed…it was to cute. He said, “I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, They kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I could not help but light up in a huge smile.

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