May 7, 2015

By Angel Lock

6/21/2016 at 10:29 AM

We have a slight set back. Emma woke up with a fever of 102 last night and Chase’s MRI is 5 days away. If Chase catches the virus they won’t do this MRI. It seems like every time we get close to a scan someone gets sick. Please pray for his protection against this virus. Also, I humbly ask for your prayers that everything will go as scheduled on Tuesday and not run late. Our appointments are so close that if the scan runs late we will miss the appointment with the neuro surgeon and his opinion means the most to us. God is with us now and will be with us during this time. I pray for Chase’s comfort and peace for his appointments. I pray for amazing scans that will be BEYOND CLEAR and beautiful. I pray that God continues to bless our family with a lifetime together. Chase has already proved so many wrong, with the radiation to his brain and extensive chemo doctors prepared us for the possibility of Chase being below level academically and developmentally, they even have a calculation on how much the radiation could damage his academic ability. Chase is a constant reminder of Gods grace and the power of prayer and Gods healing hands. Chase is doing above grade level work in Math and has made AMAZING strides with his fine motor skills and reading. AND when Chase lost his vision we were advised it would be good to start Chase out on a cain so he could use it to supplement his vision, we opted not to do that because we did not want to limit Chase, if you saw Chase now and did not know anything about him, you would never know he had visual imparments. God is Good!

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